The Waters

A brief description of the rivers, creeks and lakes we fish on

We can write a million stories about fly fishing in Patagonia that haven't been written but we want you to be part of the history.

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Aluminé River

Neuquén, Argentina

Alumine River

Aluminé River starts its long journey at Lake Aluminé, after a long way down the mountains it joins the Catan Lil River to continue as Collón Curá.

It is a very changing river that receives water from many other rivers such as Pulmari, Quillen, Kilka and Malleo. It is a complex river, with many variations through its course, allowing different techniques at its different sections.

Aluminé Medio River

It begins at the convergence of the Pulmari and Aluminé rivers and up to the Quillen confluence. The most important tributary rivers are Kilca and Rucachoroi and the Huiri Huiri, Llamuco, Vilcunco, Rahue and Puipucon streams.

On the section of the river you will find great quality and quantity of fish, Brown and Rainbows on an average of 50 g to 1,5 kg With a streamer there are chances of finding resident Browns from 1,8 to 2,5 kg From December through most of the season, dry flies are the best option to bring out the best outcome.

Aluminé Inferior River

It runs from its confluence with the Quillen River until it joins the Catan Lil. The most important tributaries are Malleo, Pichi Leufu, Nahuel Mapi and Pilo Lil.

Deep pools and runs take you on your way down with great quality of fish because of the low pressure this section of the river has. You can find Brown and Rainbow trouts from 1,5 kg to 3 kg and local fish such as the Perca with trophy sizes.

The beginning of the season is ideal for streamers and nymphs such as Wolly Bugger, Rabbit, Matuka, Patagonia Bugger, among others, N°5 rods are recommended and tip shooting rods (150- 200 grains) can be useful for deeper pools.

From December on, N° 2, 3 or 4 equipments can be used, especially in the lower sections of the River.

Recommended Flies

Other Waters

Fantastic fishing opportunities
Chimehuin River
Recommended Flies

Starting at Lake Huechulafquen and all the way to Collón Curá, the Chimehuin River offers a diverse anatomy, with big pools, riffles and small spring creeks that flow through its islands.

Using N°3, 4 or 5 rods with floating and sinking lines, you will be able to get the best out of your fishing expedition. Rainbows and Brown trout from 500 g to 1,5 kg can be found in this clear waters.

Quillen River
Recommended Flies

Its varied conformation and quality of fish makes Quillen an ideal river for precise techniques, dries and nymphs overall.

During January, the warmest month, the water level drops and small rods N° 3, 4 or 5 are the best ones to fish. For dries you can try Elk Caddis, Goddard Caddis, Patagonia Dun, Parachute Adams or Sparkle Dun (N° 14 – 20).

Malleo River
Recommended Flies

Malleo River is almost the perfect river for its large amount of fish, beautiful waters and an incredible landscape with the Lanin Volcano in the background.

Malleo River has a number of options, N° 4 rod for nymphs (Soft Hackle, B.H. Prince, Pheasant Tail, San Pupa and Jabalí N° 12 and 20) and dries (the suggested ones are Black, Attractor Patagonia Nº 10 or 12, Elk Caddis, Parachutte and Patagonia Dun Nº 14 and 18). Sinking line, shooting 130 grains for streamers with high water.

Litrán River
Recommended Flies

The Litrán is a small river that travels from north to south through a narrow valley and ends in Lake Aluminé.

Due to its reduced flow, especially during summer time, it is an ideal river to use small equipment (N° 2-3 and 4 rods). Rainbow trouts from 200 kg to 1.5 kg swim these waters.

Pulmari River
Recommended Flies

Pulmari River starts at Lake Ñorquinco and connects with the Aluminé River at its middle section. It is a great river known for its changing course.

Rucachoroi River

It is an ideal river during November and December, just before the best specimens migrate to the Aluminé River and the Rucachoroi Lake.

The suggested equipment includes N° 2, 3 and 4 rods, floating line, nymphs and dries. This river is home for Rainbow and Brown trouts from 200 g to 700 g and when the water goes higher, bigger trouts from 1 to 1,5 kg can be caught.

Streams, Spring Creeks and Lakes

Relem Stream

With very clear and cold waters, the Relem stream begins at more than 7,000 feet above sea level and it comes down the mountains on its way to the Aluminé River.

This river is known for its strong riffles and deep pools. Beautiful Rainbow, Brown and Brooke trouts from 700 g to 2 kg can be found here.

Malalco Stream
Recommended Flies

Malalco waters are cold and fruitful. Small rods N° 1, 2 or 3 with 5X or 6X are the recommended ones. Rainbow trouts from 500 g up to 1,5 kg can be found here as well as some Brown trouts of more than 2 kg.

Spring Creeks

We have access to some private spring creeks that we chose not to name here to protect them from other anglers.


Lake fishing in Patagonia can be super productive with XL trout measured in pounds, not inches. From the lodge we are a short travel distance to some world class lakes with trophy brown, brook and rainbow trout. Some of these lakes are Tromen, Quillen, Alumine and Pulmari.