Gear List

Get ready to travel

Rods and reels

You can fish almost anywhere in Patagonia with a 9' # 5 but if you are a gear nut or just want to catch 'em all you should use:

8' to 9' # 3 or 4 weight with a floating line for the spring creeks
9' # 5 or 6 weight with a floating line and sink tip
9' # 7 or 8 weight with a 200/250 grain 15' to 24' sink tip

We have 5 and 7 wt loaner Allen rods and reels at the lodge - please let us know ahead of time to reserve yours

Leaders: bring 9' 1X for streamers and 9' 3X for dry flies. You will also need extra tippet spools from 2X to 5 X

Waders and boots

If you bring your own waders and boots make sure that you can only use BRAND NEW FELT SOLED BOOTS in Patagonia to avoid spreading invasive species like dydimo, etc. You are not allowed to bring used felt soled boots.

You can bring used sticky rubber soled wading boots and we will submerge these on a 3 % bleach solution every night while fishing with us. We take conservation very seriously.


We could send you an endless list of flies to tie or purchase but the truth is that you can have epic fishing with some "generic" flies.


As a general rule we suggest you bring one good quality rain/wind jacket, a fleece pullover and comfortable outdoor clothing. Weather may be really nice but don't let an unexpected storm ruin your day.